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The main indicators of judging the quality of thermostat


The advent of winter, many people will use the central air conditioning, electric heating and other ways to improve the room temperature. In addition, the temperature controller is to control the temperature has played a very important role, and now there are many products on the market thermostat, the price is also a lot of difference, the quality of the product is not the same. In so many products, it is very important to choose an excellent temperature controller.
In the choice of temperature control device is the first choice is to understand the principle of the thermostat, the principle of each kind of thermostat will have a certain difference. In judging the quality of the thermostat, the indicators involved are mainly in the following aspects:
1, the temperature of the temperature sensor, in this regard it should and the power of heating products match each other, if the power is higher, the speed of heating will be faster. This requires the thermostat and time can be in the right area, the best is to sense the temperature relatively fast, no arcing problem.
2, now the temperature controller which are composed of various copper material, copper material are fever cases are not the same, if the material heating is relatively large, it will affect the temperature affect the status of the double metal sheet. This requires the use of non current heat effect in the design of the controller, the temperature is more accurate, the use of longer.
3, in the installation of the thermostat, it depends on the temperature of the air or the aluminum cover above the radiation heat to the temperature, so in the installation should make it and the accused between the device tightly together. And in the installation of the time effort can not be too large, otherwise it will cause the shell deformation of the situation, affecting its normal performance.
4, in the use of temperature controller, if the voltage current situation is more sensitive, it is better to choose the normal electrical strength of the temperature control switch.
555525王中王资料大全-王中王555525开奖记录-王中王高手心水13661-王中王全网最准55049-504508王中王资料网 5, the use of temperature control device can be used in a long time is very important, affecting the life of the main is a double metal sheet and electric shock problem. All kinds of temperature films can be used at different times, but also the price difference is relatively large. Temperature control switch is generally used to achieve the use of contacts, so the contacts must be selected to withstand a certain current and voltage of the material.